What is Income Support

What is Income Support: How to Claim and who is eligible

Income Support is a UK benefit aimed at helping those in and out of work who cannot afford to live on the money they have – or support their families on their current income. This guide is for those unsure of whether they are eligible for Income Support, and to provide information on who the benefit is for. Universal Credit is taking over benefits such as Income Support and Disability Allowance. If you are already claiming these benefits, your entitlement and income should not change. However, if you are worried about your benefits, speak to youWhat is Income Supportr caseworker at your local Job Centre or Job Centre Plus, or ring the Income Support contact number.

Income Support is also Means Tested, which means that what you receive on this benefit is unique to you. You may find that someone in a similar situation to you has a different rate on Income Support. If you would like to appeal your current claim, you can do so by ringing the Income Support Contact Number, or by visiting your local Job Centre or Job Centre Plus.

What is Income Support?

Income Support is a benefit for those on low-income employment – and is aimed at helping those who cannot live on the money they have or support their families. How much you are entitled to on the benefit depends on what you earn and how much you have in savings. If you have above £6000 in your bank, it was effect what you receive in relation to the benefit. If you have over £16 000 in savings, you will be unable to apply for Income Support. Having a partner will also affect how much you receive on the benefit.
If you have children, you can still claim income support, even if you are on child tax credits. For the full eligibility criteria, visit the government website. From here, you can also apply for the benefit. To apply you must be 16 – the State Pension age. You must also be pregnant, a carer, a lone parent, or with a child under the age of 5. You can also claim for the benefit if you are sick or disabled and out of work at the moment. As well as this, you can claim for Income Support if you are in full-time education, so long as you have a child and do not live with your parents or guardian. If you are a refugee and learning the English Language, you can also claim Income Support, you also do not need a fixed address. For more information on not having a fixed address and receiving income support, speak to a customer service advisor at your local Job Centre or Job Centre Plus building.

How much you could receive on Income Support

The amount you may receive on Income Support varies from person to person. The average amount for a single individual in the age range of 16 – 20 is £57.90, and for those above 25 it’s £73.10. These amounts change significantly if you live with a partner, have children, still live with your parents or guardian, or have savings above £6000. For more information on how much you could receive by claiming Income Support, visit the goverment website. If your eligibility has changed since you applied for Income Support, you must tell your local Job Centre Plus, as you may no longer qualify for your benefit.

More about Income Support – Who is eligible

If you are claiming Universal Credit on the new system implemented in late 2014 across the country, you cannot claim income support. As well as this, if you live in an area where Universal Credit has been implemented, you will not be able to apply for it, and will have to apply for Universal Credit instead. This is because Universal Credit is taking over Income Support, as well as other benefits such as Disability Allowance. However, if you already claim Income Support, you may be entitled to claim other benefits, such as housing benefits, or council tax benefits. To find out if your local job centre plus allows applications for Income Support, visit them or ring the Income Support Helpline.

Income Support is a means-tested benefit, which means that eligibility differs from one person to another. It also means that what you receive on the benefit may be different to someone in similar circumstances to you. If you are worried that you are receiving the wrong about the Income Support benefit, you can discuss this with your caseworker at your local Job Centre Plus. From here, they will be able to check your eligibility and see whether you are on the correct amount of funding on Income Support.

Income Support is for those who live in England, Scotland, and Wales. If you live in Northern Ireland, there is a different criteria for claiming this benefit. You can find out information on Income Support in Northern Ireland here.