Tax Return Bill With £0.00 Penalty Delivered To Watford Family

self-assessmentA Watford man was stunned when he received an unusual penalty from Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs. Nico Caputo, 39 years of age, received a letter that was hand delivered for his wife Joanna. The man who delivered the notice said that Mrs. Caputo owed HM Revenue And Customs the amount stipulated on the letter. But when he opened it, he saw that the penalty was for £0.00.

Nico Caputo has slammed Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs for wasting his time and wasting tax payers’ cash in order to deliver the useless bill by hand.

He explained what happened when he received the letter:

[quote]I opened the door. A man in a black suit handed me the letter. He said they wanted to give it to us in person so he knew we had it and could be told we faced court action. Then he left. Obviously it was a ­computer generated letter but a human has to pick it up at some point.[/quote]

The mistake happened because Joanna Caputo, 29 years of age and who now work as a teacher, registered as being self employed in her Self Assessment back in 2010. She was told the tax office when she had a change in circumstances, but Mr. Nico Caputo does not believe that the staff made the amendment on their system.

A spokesperson for Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs explained that this should not have occurred. They said:

[quote]In general these letters go to people who haven’t sent in their tax return as the law requires and where penalties might be due.[/quote]

Self assessment is something that forms an important part of tax returns. It  is the process of completing an annual tax return that demonstrates your income and capital gains.  Most British citizens with straight-forward taxes will just pay what is due on earnings and pensions through their tax codes. However, those who are self employed, directors of companies, make their money from abroad, etc. may need to complete a tax return.

Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs is a non-ministerial department within the United Kingdom government that oversees everything related to tax as well as the payment of some forms of benefits. It was formed through a merger between Her Majesty’s Customs And Excise and the Inland Revenue. This took place on April 18th 2005 under the direction of the former Chancellor Of The Exchequer Gordon Brown in his Budget on 17th March 2004.