Following this Advice from DWP could Cost you Thousands

The Daily Jobseeker, you have have heard of it, you may have not, but it is a Tumblr blog offering friendly and (sometimes) useful advice from the DWP. If you want a hand with ensuring your CV is in order, or want to know what to wear to look your best for an interview, then you are visiting the right place. One submission, posted just last week is a blog post titled; ‘Travel for fun and for profit: how expanding your job search could lead to a pay rise.’ By ‘expanding your job search’ the blog suggests that you should look at applying for jobs that require you to travel further than 90 minutes to work, as you may find greater opportunities by travelling further afield, especially if you are struggling for employment in your area. Now this may seem all well and good, and probably true that the further you look the more jobs will be¬†available to you, but this would amount to travelling for 3 hours a day. 3 hours. This amount of time is certainly unrealistic in everyday life, worsened by things such as childcare and other out of work commitments that would be near impossible after such a long commute.¬†

The DWP continue to list the perks of commuting for three hours a day as ‘reading’ and ‘playing candy crush’ with a picture of a woman relaxing happily on her journey (unrealistic to say the least) and with these topping the list, it seems they haven’t considered the cons, which, in our opinion, definitely outweigh the pros.

The Cost

Firstly, the cost of commuting for that amount of time, every working day, whether that be by car or public transport, is going to steep. A 90 minute train ride is a big price to pay, particularly if you are travelling at peak times, which you typically will be if you are coming to and from work. Unless your new job 90 minutes out of town pays a considerable amount more than anything you’d be earning closer to home, the costs will not be worth your time.

Your Sanity

Despite what the DWP may say, your daily commute is unlikely to be a stress free experience, sitting down playing Candy Crush or calmly reading a book is all well and good, that’s if you can get a seat, with most commuters standing for part or most of their journey. And what about your train is late or even cancelled? Which it will be. What could be a 3 hour journey can easily turn into a six when you are relying on public transport. We really don’t think you have thought this through DWP. 3 hours in a day may not seem like much, but when you are adding that three hours to an already 8 hour working day, where is the time to spend with your family? The time to relax at home? The time to fit in a healthy 7/8 hour sleep? Time to keep fit? The saying ‘not enough hours in the day’ comes to mind.