How to Successfully Advertise a Vacancy

Owning a business can be stressful enough but when it comes to hiring staff you want to make sure you get the best. By the best, we mean someone that is going to help your business grow, someone who is going to be loyal, committed, punctual and also have the skills you require for the job you are offering. Whilst there are hundreds of guides written by organisations such as Directgov on how to pass an interview, how to spruce up your CV so it catches the eye of every employer possible and how to search for the ideal job on your career path, what about the people on the other end of the bargain? How do you advertise a job so that it appears attractive to thJob advert on Directgov websitee professional? It is important that you sell the position in a way that they are excited about, as well as making it eye-catching so people will actually stop and take the time to apply in the first place, which although there are many job hunters in the UK alone, may not be as easy as you think.

Design it Carefully

This is important and sometimes overlooked when it comes to job advertisements. Yes, if the job is going to be posted on a job board you are pretty limited when it comes to crazy pictures and lots of colour, but in the powerful, social media driven society of today you have a lot of effectively free advertising space, so use it! You job vacancy, if you want people to see it, should be viewed as an advert to a certain extent and so you definitely want it to be eye-catching. If you have a large Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram following then you should design a poster type file in the form of a picture that can be posted across all of these platforms, with the colours and images reflecting the, for want of a better phrase, vibe of your business. Applying for a job can be a daunting prospect so your design should draw people in and make them feel positive about potentially working for you. The result? Positive interviewees geared up for the challenges ahead! With all this said, don’t be tempted to overdo it so much with the happy-clappy graphics that they detract from the actual words on the page, remember that sometimes less is more!

Don’t Bore Us To Tears

Arguably the most difficult bit of advertising the vacancy is how you actually word the description of the position. Remember that you know exactly what the position is about, the ins and outs of what the employee will be doing and exactly what you are expecting of the candidate, but to someone applying for the job, it is all completely new to them. You want the description to be a little detailed but most importantly clear and concise. Avoiding long and boring description of what you will require of the candidate is best to be avoided as not only will it cause a lot of people to stop reading, the full job description is not always necessary at this stage. Instead, use a simple, relevant headline, or even just the job title itself as this is probably what most people will be looking for. Remember that job hunting can be particularly tiring so making your advertisement straight to the point is always a plus. If your business or organisation is well known, it may be worth including the logo somewhere on the page. Most important things to include in text on the page are; salary, job title, job location and contact details – if these aren’t stated it’s likely some people will not even bother to apply (if the salary is negotiable then this should be stated).

Get Some Advice

If you are new to job advertising and want to get the most out of your advert, why not ask colleagues or other businesses who have done it before, what is the best way to approach it. Ask them things such as how much information they included in the job advert itself, what did they do about images and even smaller things like what font they used and how many adverts they posted. An important thing to gain a bit of knowledge about is where and how they went about getting the advert out into the big wide world, what social media platform got them the best response? Would they recommend any job board in particular that will attract the specific type of candidate that you are looking for? A bit of research before you throw out the advert could have many positive effects in the long run.

Sniff Out Your Competition!

Advertising for a job position in the same area as many others? Why not have a look at their advertisements first? See if there are any ways you can improve on how they have worded theirs? Perhaps you can make the position seem more attractive? Some job boards even tell you how many people have viewed the position and how many have applied for it, so you can see if you can get any better. It is often the case that firms fight for highly qualified employees, so whilst they may be lucky to get a job, you may also be lucky that they applied in the first place.