Italian Man Pays his Child Support in…Pizza

A 50-year-old pizza baker decided to get creative when paying his child support, supplying the much needed financial welfare in pizzas, rather than money. Amazingly, the court in Padua, Italy, has ruled in favour of the father’s payments. The judge backed the pizza baker by saying he had done his best in hard times, to provide what he could for his child…which just happened to be 400 euros worth of pizza and calzone.

Following the 2008 economic crisis, that hit Italy hard, the pizza baker struggled to provide what he had previously been paying since 2002. He had also been forced to close his business in Nicola Toso, had remarried since his divorce and now had more children to provide for, meaning he could no longer afford the child support in its traditional form, offering his 12 year old daughter’s mother, free food instead. Needless to say she was less than than impressed. So unimpressed in fact, that she filed a criminal complaint against Toso. Defence for Mr Toso argued that he had fallen on incredibly hard times and was doing the only thing he could in the situation, meaning that his case of non-payment of child support, was acquitted.

In a turn of events, the court has heard that the couple’s daughter had a relationship with her mother, that deteriorated in 2011, and as a result lives with her father and his new family. Not only did the judge rule out Mr Toso’s case of failure to pay, but also ordered mother Nicolette Zuin to pay 300 euros of child support to Mr Toso.