Social Fund and Budgeting Loans Contact Number

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0843 178 4096

Call 0843 178 4096 to speak to someone regarding social fund and budgeting loans.

Social Fund Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Social Fund 0843 178 4096
Budgeting Loans 0843 178 4097
Crisis Loans 0843 178 4097
Eligibility 0843 178 4098
Payments 0843 178 4099
Applying 0843 178 4110
Scottish Welfare Fund 0843 1784 179
Change in Circumstances 0843 178 4098

Social Fund – 0843 178 4096

Call 0843 178 4096  to contact a member of the social fund team. The Social Fund was a form of a welfare benefit that could be used for one-off or occasional payments, along with other routine payments such as Jobseekers Allowance. The discretionary social fund was abolished in 2012, with it taking effect from April 2013. you can contact the social fund to inquire about its work, whether the social fund has to be repaid, what the conditions are to be eligible for the social fund or to ask what happened to the social fund. There were two categories to the Social Fund: The Discretionary Social Fund, this was intended for exceptional and irregular needs and included community car grants, budgeting loans and crisis loans. And the Regulated Social Fund, this covered maternity, funeral, winter fuel and heating expenses. Budget Loans are still available for those who have been on a qualifying benefit for at least 26 weeks.

Budgeting Loans – 0843 178 4097

Call 0843 178 4097 to speak to a member of the budget loans team regarding budgeting loans, one-off expense payments, crisis loans, advance payments of benefits, funeral expenses payments, sure start maternity grants, cold weather payments or winter fuel payments. If you need more information about budgeting loans please call 0843 178 4097  to speak to a member of the budgeting loans team.

Crisis Loans – 0843 178 4097

Crisis Loans were interest-free loans offered by the government to provide emergency financial assistance. Too many claims were costing millions of pounds a week, so the government ceased to offer them. Since March 2013, you can no longer apply for a Crisis Loan. You can still get financial help from the government if you can’t afford essential appliances, heating, food, or clothes. If you are already claiming benefits, you could be eligible for a Budgeting Loan. Call 0843 178 4097 to find out if you can apply for a loan, or if you can get a Budget Advance on your payment.

Eligibility – 0843 178 4098

To qualify for a Social Fund, you must be on one of the following benefits for at least 26 weeks, Income Support, Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit. You must also still be on the same benefit when your claim is being processed. You can apply at any age. To find out whether you’re eligible for budgeting loans please call 0843 178 4098 to speak to a member of their customer services.


Payments – 0843 178 4099

Budgeting loans are interest-free, meaning you only pay back what you borrowed. you will pay back the loan automatically through your benefits, the amount you repay weekly is based on how much you get and what you can afford. It normally takes 2 years to repay the loan, if your benefits stop you will be contacted to arrange to pay back the rest of the loan. If you are having problems with the payments, the payments aren’t being taken out of your benefits or you have not been contacted after your benefits have stopped please call 0843 178 4099

Applying – 0843 178 4110


You can claim for a Social Fund by filling out an SF500 form, which can be requested by calling, or printed out online. If you call 0843 178 4110 you will also receive a freepost envelope in which to send your form. A social fund process can take up to 15 days, however, you can get updates on your mobile phone if you provide your phone number on the SF500 form. You can also hand in the forms at your nearest Job Centre. You can find your nearest Job Centre by searching online.


Scottish Welfare Fund – 0843 1784 179

The Scottish welfare fund is a national scheme put together by those in the Scottish authorities and are designed to see people through tough and unexpected expenses. The money they lend out is called a ‘crisis grant’ and it works on a discretionary basis meaning that even if you are eligible, you may still not receive one as the final decision. If your situation means that you have been selected to receive a crisis grant, this does not have to be repaid. Crisis grants are a last resort for anyone who is 16 or over, working on a low income and another to receive appropriate financial help from anywhere else. To receive a crisis grant you do not need to be claiming any other kind of benefit but your situation may be helped if you are receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit as you will then be considered to be on a low income. If you have been sanctioned from the DWP, for not turning up to your meetings, for example, you can still receive a crisis grant as the reasoning for your sanction should not be taken into consideration by authorities. You can also receive a crisis grant as a one-off payment whilst you are waiting for your benefit payments should they be delayed in any way. You are not usually eligible for more than three crisis grants in a 12 month period, and cannot receive one if you have sent an application and been rejected unless your situation has changed. If you would like to know more about the Scottish Welfare Fund or you are would like to apply you can call 0843 1784 179.

Change in Circumstances – 0843 178 4098

If your circumstances have changed such as you no longer receive benefits you are required to call 0843 178 4098 to inform the HMRC of these changes, they will inform you of any changes that will be made or if you no longer receive benefits they will discuss how you will pay back the rest of the loan.

The Social Fund Head Office Postal Address

Head Office Postal Address
Social Fund HM Revenue and Customs
Chillingham House
Benton Park View
NE98 1ZZ
United Kingdom
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