Self Employment after Brexit

Self Employment after Brexit

Self Employment after BrexitBecoming Self Employed after the Brexit vote can seem daunting. However, the number of people becoming self employed is on the rise. In fact, the number of Self Employed people in the UK is the highest that it’s been for the past 40 years, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing.

With technological advances in the UK coming on leaps and bounds, it’s no wonder that more and more people are wanting to become self employed. Blogging has become an outlet for many young people to discuss their lives and give advice. Making money from this is also an option. As well as this, with sites like Etsy, artists can easily display and sell their work online to a wider audience than they could have 20+ years ago.

Danbro is an accountancy agency based in Lancashire, who released a statement this week about the opportunity that small businesses now have. Self-run businesses are the future of the UK, a spokesperson for the agency has said. The company also believes that the self employed will save a post-brexit UK, in terms of UK sales and business. Hopefully, they will create a new landscape for a stable UK economy in terms of UK trade.

The initial report since the vote for Britain to leave the EU was that it shook the business sector. The FTSE dropped to the lowest it had been since the last recessions, and the pound lost its strength for the first time in 30 years. As well as this, banks in London panicked as their share prices dropped.

However, the pound and FTSE have since stabilized, as have stocks and shares in London’s business sector. The opportunity for the self employed to expand on their businesses is now. In Dudley, there are even incentives to become self employed. This is because of a new self-employment mortgage range and shared ownership mortgages. The company providing these services has described the self employed as the back bone of the country, who deserve all the help they can get the moment.

Since the vote the leave the EU, a petition was made calling for a 2nd referendum to take place. This was done because the creator, a freelancer from Wales, believed the people of the UK were lied to by the Vote Leave campaign. Considering that Nigel Farage came out the day after the Brexit vote and told everyone, on live television, that he lied throughout the campaign. The creator of the government petition, which has gathered over 9 millions signatures, believes that the leave vote will hurt his future career.

There are 4.7m self employed people in the UK today, that’s 15% of all UK employees. They’re known as the flexible work face, and are the most in demand workers throughout the UK. They’re vital for our economy and for money circulation. There is no certain outcome to this vote to leave the EU. But one thing is certain in this period of uncertainty, and that’s for hope in the self employed to remain steady.