Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint in court over £1m Tax Return

Rupert GrintRupert Grint is in court this week over a potential tax refund of £1m from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

The actor is most popularly known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter Franchise, which spanned over 8 films. However, he has since starred in films such as Moonwalker and Cherrybomb. Grint also owns Eevil Plan Properties in Hertfordshire, which is worth in the region of £13m.

The actor is now in the process of seeking the refund from HMRC, which concerns tax returns sent between 2008 and 2010. Tax officials failed to block attempts to shield Grint’s earnings in those years from the 50p rate of tax that was implemented at the time. This meant that the rate of tax paid by Grint went up to 50%, rather than the 40% he was originally paying on his earnings, from which he accumulated £24m over his role in the Harry Potter franchise.

The dispute in question relates mostly to accounts created in 2010. Grint’s accountant and father, who ran all of his accounts at the time, are accused of changing the date of the accounts’ creation to April 5th, meaning that Grint would have avoided paying the tax after the increase, and would have stuck to the 40% tax rate on his earnings. However, Grint and his accountants are adamant that the account was made on that date, meaning that HMRC wrongly taxed Grint before the new 50p tax implementation.

The new tax rate was introduced during the last month of the Labour government in order to boost public funding for the dwindling banks, who were struggling economically at the time. Since, however, George Osbourne cut the tax rate for those earning more than £150 000 annually.

Grint has testified this week that his knowledge of his own tax affairs at the time were very little and that his father Nigel Grint, along with family accountant Dan Clay, have control of his tax affairs.  He also declared in court this week that he has paid every penny of tax that he owes to the HMRC, and has never knowingly avoided tax. His accountant Dan Cross also commented on this issue to the Daily Mail, stating that this case is not a dispute of tax avoidance, but of the wrongful dealings and payment of tax asked of Grint. He also stated that although the incident of overpaid tax occurred over two years ago, they are filing for a repayment now, as the actor has been going through his affairs since the completion of the Harry Potter saga and his role within it.

The case is to end tomorrow evening, when the verdict is due to be made by the court regarding Rupert Grint’s tax return. It’s not known at this time whether the court is in Grint’s favor. However,sources close to the actor have stated that it’s looking rather good in terms of a full tax return of just over £1m. A spokesperson for HMRC have yet to comment on the situation and are likely to come forward after the case ends.