PIP Contact Number

0843 178 4210

Eligibility for PIP


In order to be eligible to claim PIP, you must be between the age of 16-64. You should also have a long-term disability or health condition and struggle with activities which relate to daily living. This could include mobility. You should also be in Great Britain whilst you claim and have been here for at least 2 of the last 3 years. You can get PIP whether you are at work or not.

You must have had difficulties with your disability or illness for the last three months, and expect them to last for at least 9 months unless you are terminally ill. You could get PIP if you need help with activities such as: eating/preparing food, washing/bathing/using the toilet, dressing/undressing, communicating/reading, managing treatments/medicines, making financial decisions and engaging with others. You could also get it if you have issues with going out or moving around.

You will have to undergo an assessment to determine your ability to claim PIP. You will be assessed by a professional from the healthcare industry who will assist DWP in working out how much help you need. This may need to be a face to face consultation, in which case you’ll get a letter explaining why and where you need to go. DWP will then make a decision based on your assessment, your application and any supporting evidence which you provide.

You will receive a decision around 3 weeks after your assessment. If you are unhappy with a decision, you can appeal it. Your rate will also be regularly re-assessed to ensure that you are getting the right amount of support.

What you’ll get

PIP is usually paid every 4 weeks. It is free from tax and you can get it regardless of whether you are employed or not. PIP is made up of two components, these are the daily living and mobility components. The rates are as follows:
Daily living component 
Standard £55.10
Enhanced £82.30
Mobility component
Standard £21.80
Enhanced £57.45

If you have a terminal illness, you will get the enhanced daily living component if you are not expected to live any longer than six months. The rate of mobility will depend on your needs.

As with all benefits and pensions, PIP will be paid directly into a bank or building society account.

Changes in circumstances

You need to call the PIP contact number if:

  • Any personal details such as your address or doctor change.
  • The help that you need or the condition itself changes.
  • You have to go into hospital or a care home for more than 3 weeks.
  • You go abroad for more than 13 weeks.
  • If you are put into prison. employment-disability-allowance

If you don’t report changes in circumstances, you could receive a £50 fine and have to pay back any overpaid benefits.

How to claim PIP

You should contact DWP to make a new PIP claim. You will be asked for certain information such as:

  • Your contact details and date of birth.
  • Your National Insurance number.
  • Your bank/building society account details.
  • Doctor’s name.
  • Details of any time which you have spent abroad, in a care home or in hospital.

After this, you will be sent a ‘How Your Condition Affects You’ form.

If you’re terminally ill and not expected to live longer than six months, you can get PIP more quickly.

PIP Contact Number 0800

If you would like to get in touch with the PIP customer service team using a freephone 0800 contact number, you can do so by calling 0800 917 2222. You can call the 0800 number at no extra cost and you will be put straight through to a representative who will be able to help you.

Latest News

Thousands of disabled people have been denied PIP


Thousands of disabled people in the UK have been wrongly denied PIP. 61% of rejected claims for the benefit are overturned on appeal. Surely, however, this inflicts extra stress and unnecessary extra expense for those who appeal their decisions. Hundreds of disabled people have also protested having to wait months before they are allowed to appeal. George Osbourne was forced to abandon cuts to PIP due to protesting, leaving a £4.4bn hole in last months budget. Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson,  said the rate of successful appeals exposed a system that “isn’t working”. She went on to say “There must be so much money wasted – I want the Government to look at this urgently.” In October 2014 – December 2015, 7,510 appeals were successful that’s 578 every week. This means that even people are being denied PIP than for sickness benefits, known as Employment and Support Allowance (58%).

Disabled Claimants Angry After Being Left Without Benefits In Northampton


Disabled people in Northampton are angry after being turned down benefits this week. The assessment centre claimed that the claimants could walk 200 metres unaided, and therefore did not requite money aid. However, many of the claimants provided evidence to the Echo newspaper, proving that they couldn’t even walk 20 metres. One claimant even told the newspaper that he “was in so much pain I could not open the door.”. A recent episode of Channel Four’s Dispatches showed a PIP assessor, at Northampton’s Capita offices, crudely discussing the way he assessed claimants for the weekly disability payment. He even said that he has denied some people eligibility before even meeting them.