NHS Wales, HSBC Accredited As Living Wage Employers

Over 2,000 of the lowest paid employees in the NHS in Wales will receive an increase on their current salary as the organisation becomes a Living Wage employer. The Health Minister announced recently that all staff will be paid at least the living wage of £7.65 an hour, more than the current minimum wage of £6.31 an hour. The change will come into force in September.

The Living Wage Commission has called for all public sector workers to be paid the living wage. A spokesperson said of the change to the NHS Wales:

[quote] “This sends a clear signal that the Welsh Government is committed to tackling poverty and that the NHS Wales is a fair employer.” [/quote]

HSBC has also been accredited as a Living Wage employer. This is a formal agreement, which means that all workers, whether they are permanent, temporary or a contractor will get paid the Living Wage. Back in 2012, HSBC committed to pay the living wage. It has paid it in London since 2005. The bank employs almost 45,000 staff across the UK and is the largest organisation to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

Anton Simoes, chief executive officer of HSBC UK said:

[quote] “We have been paying our employees the living wage for some time, but we wanted to make this commitment more official and are please to have been formally accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.” [/quote]

The Living Wage Foundation said that this is a ‘huge moment’ and that the organisation is delighted to welcome HSBC into the fold.Employer Helpline

Employers interested in paying the Living Wage should call the Employer Helpline.