New offices for HMRC

New offices around the country for HMRC

HMRC is currNew offices for HMRCently based in central London. The address for their current main offices can be found below:

100 Parliament Street

Although central to London itself, the government body has been criticised for not housing more offices or hubs for large cities away from London in the North of England. A plan released this morning shows how the government funded body aims to saves hundreds of millions in taxpayer money by opening regional offices and closing smaller central offices.

The main move for HMRC is the relocation of its head office to a site over 107 000 square ft in size in Bristol. Near Temple Meads station, the new site will house over 1500 jobs, with some moving from the London based office. This may see a rise in populous over the next few years in Bristol. It’s thought that the scheme, named 3 Glass Wharf, will create a multitude of jobs for the local area, serving as a means to end unemployment in the area.

The move is planned for summer 2019, with plans for more offices throughout the country expected to be announced in the coming months. Offices for Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Liverpool will all be agreed upon this year, with new offices already being signed for an HMRC hub in Croydon.

It’s thought that, overall, 13 hubs and offices around the country will decrease the amount of government spending by condensing work volume and spreading it throughout the country. The whole programme for this new development of offices and hubs is thought to conclude in 2025. It’s also an aim from HMRC is up to their service game. Recent surveys have shown that the government body is lacking in its ability to deal with large-scale cases and that a larger workforce would benefit the agency a lot more.

With over 50 000 jobs within HMRC and an expected 40 000 jobs to be generated by the scheme, it’s thought that service times and pension delays will speed up dramatically throughout the country, especially in areas with large HMRC hubs and offices.

A spokesperson for HMRC has stated that this development will encourage better workplace environments for teams in offices around the country, which, in turn, will encourage a better work life and speed of HMRC services.