Labour Party Conference: Is this the Labour Party Renewed?

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After a devastating blow at the last election, many wondered what would happen to the newly energised Labour Party and its current leader, Jeremy Corbyn. However, as the Labour Party Conference in Brighton has shown critics that Corbyn, and the Labour party, are not going anywhere. Calling the Labour party the “government in waiting” in his speech yesterday, Corbyn has renewed faith in both the Labour party and its policies, noting causes such as education; the NHS, and poverty as some of its main concerns to tackle in the coming months and years.

The conference also saw some of Corbyns chief opposers rally alongside him in a turn of events, including Tom Watson, who called for Corbyn to retire after the loss at this year’s shock election. Watson even started a chant for the leader, a chant which, seemingly, no supporters wanted to join…Awkward.

Despite the negativity from the media in the past few months, Labour has seen the largest increase in votes since the 1945 election. It’s thought the rising number of young adults voting for Labour has made them a real threat to the Conservative party, something that the Tory party are seemingly not willing to accept… Could that because of their huge payoff to the media and the DUP? Who knows, Corbyn certainly thinks this is the case in his tirade against the Priminister and her Shadow Cabinet and their inability to work together in order to help the country. Afterwards, Corbyn moved on to the policies that his Labour will be focusing on, bringing in some home truths about the issues we face today, especially homelessness and poverty:

“We also need to tax undeveloped land held by developers and have the power to compulsorily purchase. As Ed Miliband said: use it or lose it. Families need homes. No social cleansing. No jacking up rents. No exorbitant ground rents. If you want to see how the poor die, come see Grenfell Tower”  – Corbyn 

He also addressed the medias racial and misogynist abuse Diane Abbott faced during his campaign, which prompted a standing ovation from the Brighton crowd.

Overall, Corbyn came across as confident, calm, cool and most importantly, ready to tackle the real issues that Britain seems to be facing at the moment. He seems to have overcome his portrayal in the media and awakened a new generation of socialists and labour supporters. What do you think?