Labour Leader Rallies UK Businesses To Help Rebuild Economy

Labour leader Ed Miliband made a public attempt to rally UK business leaders earlier this week by telling them they are ‘vital’ Labour-businesses-UKto bringing prosperity to Britain.

As well as laying out plans for a national infrastructure commission in order to build more airports and roads, Mr. Miliband addressed businesses and business-leaders, saying that their “entrepreneurship and inventiveness” is vital to putting the British economy back on track.

In what was his second major intervention in the UK economy this week, the party leader claimed that the recession would not be resolved by returning growth to the economy alone.

In addition, he went on to suggest that the problems facing Britain were actually in existence before the 2008 banking crisis.

[quote]Unless we change the way we do things, we simply will not create the high-paying, high-skilled jobs needed to improve the condition of our country, and the rewards of growth will be unfairly shared.”[/quote]

the Labour leader said. He stated that Labour would “build prosperity” and “rebuild faith in business and in [British] politics” for the future.

Mr. Miliband has come under considerable pressure lately over his party’s plans for the economy and for Britain’s place in Europe, and has been criticised for having a lack of ambition and radicalism in matching the policies of the opposition.

In particular, his policies have been described as ‘anti-business’ by some critics, which could affect how his message is received by companies and business-owners.

However, the MP admitted:

[quote]I know we won’t always agree on everything and I won’t just tell you what you want to hear either.”

What I want to offer however is a clear, one-nation mission for the country. You as British businesses are vital to this mission because of your entrepreneurship, your inventiveness, and your ability to change people’s lives through the power of your ideas.”[/quote]

As the general election draws nearer, Labour has promised it will balance the books by 2020, and raise the top rate of tax to 50% to help reduce the deficit.

It has also warned however of plans to cut spending in order to reach its goal, should it regain power.

The Conservative Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, however, dismissed the promises as “the same old Labour”.

[quote][It’s] just offering more spending, more borrowing and more taxes,”[/quote]

he remarked.

[quote]Its clear Ed Miliband is too weak to take the difficult decisions needed to secure Britain’s future.”[/quote]