How to Stop Family Allowance

Call the Child Benefit line on 0843 557 3383 to stop Family Allowance today.

Family Allowance is the previous name for Child Benefit, which changed in the late 1970s. You can find out how to claim Family Allowance here. If you are already claiming this and you want to stop Family Allowance, then read this guide. You can also learn why you would need to stop it.

Stop Child Benefit When Child Turns 16

Child Benefit payments will stop on the 31st August following the child’s 16th birthday if they are leaving education or training. The Child Benefit Office will send you a letter in your child’s final year of school to confirm whether they plan to leave or continue. If your child is leaving approved education or training, then you must stop your Child Benefit claim. The payments will cease at the end of February, May, August, or November, whichever is closest to the date that the child stops being eligible for it.

Stop Child Benefit When Leaving the UK

If you are leaving the UK for longer than 8 weeks, then you will need to tell the Child Benefit Office. You might have to stop your Child Benefit claim during this time. Payments will continue if you go abroad for up to 8 weeks on holiday or business. You can still get Child Benefit for up to 12 weeks if you go abroad due to the death of a family member or for medical treatment for yourself or your family. If you move outside of the UK, then it is likely that you will also have to stop your claim. However, if you are living or working in an EEA country, Switzerland, or a country with a social security agreement with the UK, you might still be able to get Child Benefit. Contact the Child Benefit Office to discuss stopping it.

Stop Child Benefit Due to Change in Circumstances

In addition to the main circumstances above, there are lots of reasons that you might have to stop receiving Child Benefit. You need to report changes in your family’s circumstances to the Child Benefit Office and they will stop your payments if you will no longer be eligible to receive them. If you have been claiming Child Benefit when you shouldn’t have, then you may have to pay a fine as well as returning overpayments. If the child moves home, starts paid work, goes into hospital or care, gets married, goes to prison, starts receiving benefits on their own, or dies, these can all affect Child Benefit entitlement. As the person responsible for the child, your own circumstances also matter. If your relationship status, address, or number of children changes then you need to notify the Child Benefit Office. They will tell you if you have to stop claiming.

Stop Child Benefit to Avoid High Income Tax Charge

You can choose not to receive Child Benefit payments at all if you are at a certain income level to avoid the hassle of paying them back. If you or your partner earns £50,000 a year and one of you receives Child Benefit, you will have to pay at least some of it back due to the high-income tax charge. If the income is £60,000 or over, then you will have to pay all of it back. You can still receive the Child Benefit payments, but you need to submit a self-assessment tax return at the end of the year and then make the repayment. Some parents prefer to receive the payments and keep them in a savings account so that they can repay them later. The reason for this is that while you can opt back in if your circumstances change, you cannot claim Child Benefit in arrears. It is important to still fill out the Child Benefit claim form for a child even if you opt out of payments later. This will help you to get National Insurance credits and makes sure that your child gets their National Insurance number when they turn 16.

How to Stop Child Benefit Payments

To actively stop Child Benefit and to opt out of receiving the money, you need to contact the Child Benefit Office. You can call on 0843 557 3383, making sure that you have your National Insurance number and Child Benefit number ready. Alternatively, you can sign into your Government Gateway account if you have one and fill out a form online. You can also contact the Child Benefit Office by post, although that would take longer.

HM Revenue and Customs – Child Benefit Office

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If you have a query about stopping Child Benefit, then you can submit an online contact form or try a webchat if there is a free HMRC advisor.