How to Get a Logbook

Contact the DVLA on 0844 381 0906 if you need help with the logbook for a vehicle.

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It is important to make sure that you have a logbook for your vehicle and that it is up to date, or the DVLA can issue a fine of up to £1,000.

What is a logbook?

A vehicle logbook is a legal document which is also known as the V5 or V5C. The DVLA issues these documents to prove the ownership of every vehicle. They also specify the details of the vehicle, including the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The document should outline the make, model, colour, and engine size among other information, as well as any previous owners. Logbooks were blue until 2012 and are now red. You should always have a vehicle’s logbook if you are its registered keeper.

What do you do with the logbook when buying or selling a car?

When you buy or sell a car, you must report this change in registration to the DVLA. The vehicle’s new keeper needs to take the V5C/2 or Section 10 of the logbook. The seller must retain the rest of the logbook in order to register the details of the new keeper with the DVLA. You can now do this online and receive confirmation by e-mail. The previous keeper will get a refund on road tax, and the new keeper must pay to tax the vehicle themselves before driving it. They should do this as soon as they receive their new logbook in the post from the DVLA (usually within 2-4 weeks).

What should you do if you have lost your logbook?

It is your responsibility to get a replacement logbook if yours gets lost or damaged. Legally, you must have a valid V5C to keep and use the vehicle. It will cost £25 to get a new logbook from the DVLA. You have to send an application form (V62) along with this fee. Then the DVLA should send you a new logbook within 6 weeks. You should not have to pay if you are applying for a logbook because you did not receive one after purchasing a vehicle. It should arrive within 5 days if you apply for it on the phone.

How do you change your address or name on a logbook?

As mentioned, the DVLA can fine you for up to £1,000 if you do not keep your logbook up to date. This means that you need to notify them any time that your details or the vehicle’s details change. To do so, you must fill out Section 6 of your logbook and send it off to the DVLA. It is free to change your details such as address or name this way. Do NOT tick the “new keeper” box when you fill out your new details. You will also need to update your driving licence and road tax details separately. The DVLA will tell you if you must supply other documents as supporting evidence.

When do you need to update your logbook?

Obviously, a vehicle’s logbook requires updating whenever you transfer ownership of the vehicle. This does not have to be buying or selling, as you may receive a car from your family. You also have to update your logbook if you move to a different address or change your name. This includes changing your name through marriage or by a deed poll. You must tell the DVLA if your insurance company writes off your vehicle for scrap. It is also a requirement to notify the DVLA if you make significant changes to your vehicle. This includes the colour, engine, chassis, body shell, fuel type, number of seats, or the weight. The DVLA might have to organize an inspection of your vehicle before issuing an updated VC5.

How can you apply for a new logbook?

To apply for a new logbook, you have to order one from the DVLA at a cost of £25. This fee only applies if you are replacing a lost or damaged one. It should not cost anything if you are updating the details in your logbook. The registered keeper of a vehicle can order a replacement over the phone. This requires paying by card and will take several days. If you are changing details, then you can only do this by post. It is free but will take several weeks instead. You can download and print the V62 form here, or enquire in a Post Office branch. Mail your application to:

SA99 1DD