How to Claim Family Allowance

Call the Child Benefit helpline on 0843 557 3383 and claim Family Allowance.

Family Allowance was a government benefit starting back in 1945. Child Benefit began to replace Family Allowance in 1977. What you might call Family Allowance is now Child Benefit. There have been a lot of changes over the years due to the government restructuring Child Benefit. Claims for Family Allowance are claims for Child Benefit today. Read this guide to learn more about Child Benefit, including what you must do to claim.

Child Benefit Eligibility

The basic rules for claiming Child Benefit are that claimants must be responsible for a child under 16 years old, or under 20 if they stay in school or training. There is no maximum amount of children that one person can claim for, but only one person can claim for each child. It will depend on your circumstances if you are eligible for Child Benefit.

You are responsible for a child if they live with you or if you are paying towards their care. This includes money, food, clothes, and presents. You may be able to claim Child Benefit if you are adopting a child or looking after somebody else’s child for them. Child Benefit payments will cease if the child leaves education and enters paid employment for more than 24 hours a week. They will also stop if the child begins an apprenticeship or starts to claim benefits for themselves, like Universal Credit or tax credit.

Child Benefit Payments

There are only 2 rates of payment for Child Benefit. The oldest child will receive an allowance of £20.70 per week. Any additional children get an allowance of £13.70 per child each week. If a family splits up, the oldest child who lives with you will qualify for the higher rate. Child Benefit is paid to claimants every 4 weeks into the same account. Single parents or those on certain other benefits may be able to get their payments weekly instead. If you or your partner has an income of more than £50,000 per year, then you probably have to pay the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge instead of receiving Child Benefit. You can opt out of receiving Child Benefit payments, but you should still make a Child Benefit claim.

Child Benefit Claims

When you claim Child Benefit, you are also registering the child to get a National Insurance number when they turn 16. Filling in the claim form can also help you to get National Insurance credits, which count towards your State Pension. You can make a Child Benefit claim after you register the birth of a child or they have come to live with you. To claim, you will need to fill out the CH2 form, print it off, and then post it securely to the address on the form. You must include the evidence requested with the form. It might take 12 weeks to process a new claim before you will start to receive Child Benefit payments. You should receive a letter notifying you of your Child Benefit award. You can backdate the claim for up to 3 months if you were eligible during that period but did not apply for it.