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How to be a Great Employer

how to be a great employer

Sometimes, employers can be unaware of exactly what makes a great company…well…Great! We’ve compiled a short list of all of the ways an employer can empower and motivate their workers and keep them wanting to strive for more.

Flexi time

This is great for building trust with your employees. Flexi time allows for workers to arrive between certain hours and leave after they have worked for a set amount of time. For example, workers can arrive from between 8am and 9.30 am – as long as they achieve 8 hours of work in that day- they can leave at their respective times. Employers should know that their employees have lives outside of work, and that sometimes lives get in the way of work. If a worker needs time in the morning to take their children to school, or fix a broken boiler, they can use flexi-time in order to avoid being late for work, making it easier for employers in the long run. This trust takes the anxiety out of the morning commute, and allows for more focus on the task at hand when they do make it to their desks.

Creative work environment

A work environment shouldn’t be cold and uninviting, why not invest in a pool table or ping pong table, and create a tournament amongst your workers? Or, have monthly dinners together at predetermined restaurants. When your employees are friendly with one another, the work environment seems a lot more welcoming, and cultivates a great workspace environment. Team building exercises also ensure a great work ethic. Why not set a monthly date with all of your workers and head out for a coffee? This way you’re taking them out of the work space environment and learning to bond with them outside of work. Once you have a relationship outside of work, you may find that it’s easier to communicate your feelings inside the office, which is vital.

Listen to your employees

Sometimes you need to listen to what your employees need in their work environment. Some may wish for certain incentives in the work place. Perhaps you could buy a trophy for your newly created pool tournament? Or you can buy weekly fruit baskets to keep your workers happy and healthy. Listening is key to great communication between employee and employer, maybe hold a meeting once a month and ask people what they would like to see more around the office to help them with work? Google is well known for listening to their employees. For example, one of their employees asked for more rubber ducks around the office. The next week? Thousands of rubber ducks appeared around the entire building! Alternatively, you could set up a Skype group for the office, this way you can be contacted discreetly. Sometimes, employers may become anxious to even approach you, Skype eliminates this encounter, allowing for more free flowing conversation.

Be approachable

how to be a great employerWhen you’re running a business, it can be hard to come across as approachable and accessible. Sometimes, workers need a helping hand, and they might not always ask for it. It helps to be friendly with your employees, let them know you’re there if they need you. Once you have this trust, you can open up a dialogue about work and other important avenues. It also helps if your employees know you’re available to talk one on one. If your office is in a small space, it can be impossible to talk without everyone else listening in. This is where Skype comes in handy once again – enabling private conversation without prying ears around the office, and allowing for a more casual conversation above email and meetings.


Depending on your company or business, why not introduce work place incentives? Vouchers for those who meet their monthly targets allows for healthy competition amongst emplloyees, and gives them something to work towards. Alternatively, create a trophy for those who have produced the most outstanding work that month. A small personalised trophy doesn’t cost much, and can be fun in an otherwise stale work environment.

Pay a relevant wage

Wages can be tricky, but as long as you are paying your employees the right amount for their skills and workload, you will have no issues. It’s also a great idea to review pay each year, in order to keep on top of what you’re paying each individual, and whether they deserve less, or more, than they are currently on. If you would like advice on what the best rate of pay is for your business, ACAS can help. ACAS offers impartial advice for both employee and employer. So, if you would like to talk to them regarding an issue in the work place, a member of staff will offer help in any way they can. For more information on ACAS, visit the ACAS contact number page.