Housing Benefit Phone Number

If you want to contact the Housing Benefit team at Jobcentre Plus, you can do so by calling 0843 178 4253. Here you will be able to ask any general questions about Housing Benefit, make a complaint, ask any questions about payments, check if you are eligible or apply for pensions Housing Benefit.

Housing Benefit Departments

Department Contact Number
General Enquiries 0843 178 4235
Complaints 0843 178 4235
Payments 0843 178 4236
Eligibility 0843 178 4239
Pensions Housing Benefit 0843 178 4239

General Enquiries –  0843 178 4235

Housing Benefits are offered in the UK on a basis meaning that anyone who is tested and found to need assistance in meeting their housing costs in rented accommodation will be offered the means to pay for it. Throughout 2013-2014 it was the single biggest cost for the taxpayer and accounted for almost 30% of the whole welfare bill. Housing Benefits can only be used to meet the terms you need for the cost of your renting, and shouldn’t be used for other bills like gas, electricity, water or food.

Complaints – 0843 178 4235

If you would like to make a complaint about a service that you have received from Housing Benefits then you can call 0843 178 4235 and someone will be ready to listen to your complaint and register any issues that you have experienced with the Housing Benefit. If you are unhappy with a specific member of staff that you have dealt with, or you’re just displeased with the benefits that you’ve received then you can speak to a member of staff and they’ll try to help you however they can.

Payments – 0843 178 4236

If you are interested in finding out more about the payment methods that the Housing Benefits team use, or you think you have been overpaid and you want to ask what your next move should be regarding this, then by calling 0843 178 4236 you will be put in contact with someone who can let you know any information you need regarding Housing Benefits payments, so you won’t experience any more issues.

Pensions Housing Benefit – 0843 178 4239

If you are a claimant of Pensions Credit, you could be eligible to have your rent paid in full by Housing Benefit. There are certain stipulations to this so to see if you’re eligible you need to call the team on 0843 178 4239. When you call this number, the Housing Benefit department will be able to assist you further.

Other ways to contact Housing Benefit

If you are looking for other ways to contact the Housing Benefit team then you can also reach them by sending a letter to this address:

Westminster Benefit Services
PO Box 82

and from here someone will read and reply to your correspondence and give you any information you might be looking for.