HMRC Sends Renewal Warning To 1.5 Million People

taxcreditsClose to 1.5 million people living in the United Kingdom and receive tax credits have less than one month to renew their claims. If they do not, the claimants risk having their payments ceased according to warnings by Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs.

The British tax authority is giving UK residents the opportunity to renew their tax credits online for the first time ever. It must, however, be completed ahead of the deadline on July 31st.

To do so, they are being told to visit the government’s Renew Tax Credits page on their official website. It can also be done via a free HMRC mobile app that is new and available to download from the Apple and Google app stores.

Those who do not wish to renew their tax credits by these new online methods are still able to do it via traditional methods. They can write to Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs by post or call the helpline for tax credits.

At the start of July, 135,000 people had submitted the renewals for their tax credits over the internet. Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs revealed that the satisfaction with the government’s website was 96%.

The warning reminder comes after 650,000 people failed to renew their tax credits before last year’s deadline. This is also the major reason Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs has implemented its new online system — people now have no excuse for missing it.

The director general of benefits and credits at Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs, Nick Lodge, said:

[quote]Loads of people have already renewed their tax credits claim online, and have found it quick and easy to do. We have now made it even better and are encouraging everyone to renew online if they can, at a time that suits them. The most important thing is to renew before the 31st July deadline, so as not to risk losing your money.[/quote]

Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs distributed its tax credit renewal pack to 5.8 million people at the beginning of April. It asked those who use tax credits to check how accurate the information about the claim is. It also demanded that people provide any new information about their circumstances including working hours, childcare costs and annual pay.

Most of the people who received these packs will not have to make any amendments and their claims will automatically be renewed. This occurs if there has been no change for a long period of time. 1.5 million are set to make changes though.