Half of UK Drivers Are Unaware Of New Tax Disc Rules

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Tax discs are set to become abolished in just six weeks time, but around half of drivers in the UK are unaware of this, according to a new survey. From the 1st October, the traditional tax disc will disappear after 93 years of service.

Car owners still need to pay their vehicle tax to drive or keep a vehicle on the road, however the modernisation of this means that police can now use cameras to automatically check a number plate to see if tax has been paid.

Of those who are aware of the changes, around half do not know the exact date they take place. 6% think the new rules will be enforced next year and 32 per cent will not even attempt to find out when the changes are, according to a survey from money.co.uk. A third of people who took part in the survey said that they will await further instruction from the DVLA, even though the agency has yet to start adding warnings of the changes to tax renewal reminders.

Drivers need to be aware of the impending changes or they could face a £1000 fine as well as potential penalty charges against a car they no longer own. The change from paper discs will save motorists money on postage and will allow more flexible payment options, whilst also making it harder for tax evaders to drive untaxed. It has been reported that estimates show the changes will save the taxpayer £10 million a year. tax disc

For those buying used cars, the vehicle tax will no longer be transferred and the sellers will be able to claim back unused tax. The DVLA said that a change of ownership should be reported to them straightaway or the old driver may still be liable. Not only will they be fined, but they may also be charged for any speeding or parking fines.