Employment And Support Allowance (ESA)

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If you are a recipient of Employment and Support Allowance, and you have a question relating to your claim, contact the ESA helplineĀ for assistance.

ESA Customer Service

Employment and Support Allowance is used to offer people financial support if they are ill or disabled, and cannot work, or work enough hours to support themselves. You can claim ESA whether you are employed, unemployed or self-employed. If you have a question relating to claiming ESA or the application process, call the ESA contact number. You can call this number if you have a question relating to your work capability assessment. When you call, you will hear an automated message welcoming you to the Employment and Support Helpline. After this message, you’ll be presented with a range of menu options. You can press 1 for Employment and Support Allowance, two for Jobseeker’s Allowance, 3 for Income Support and 4 for Universal Credit. If your query is relating to an existing claim or another issue, press 6. After you have chosen your menu option, you’ll be put through to an operator.


If you need to contact the ESA helpline to get assistance with payments, call the number. When you first claim ESA, you’ll receive an assessment rate depending on your age. You will continue to receive this until your capability to work has been assessed, and after that, you’ll be given a rate depending on whether you’re placed in the work activity group, or the support group. If you are disabled and in the support group, you might be entitled to an additional payment on top of the standard rate. For assistance with ESA payments, call the helpline. You’ll be put through to an adviser who can guide you through the payment process.

Types of ESA

There are two types of ESA available. There is contribution-based ESA, which you will receive if you have paid enough National Insurance contributions. The second type is income-related, for people on a low income. You are placed in a group (work activity or support) based on your assessment. If you’re in the support group, you can claim contribution-based ESA for an unlimited period of time, but if you’re in the work activity group, it lasts for a year. For more information about the different types of ESA, call the helpline.

Eligibility for ESA

ESA Contact Number

You might be entitled to ESA if your illness or disability affects your ability to work. You must be under the state pension age and not receiving sick pay or jobseeker’s allowance. Your employment status does not affect your eligibility, but it might affect the amount you receive. To find out whether you are eligible for ESA, call the number.

How to Claim ESA

If you are unsure how to claim ESA or how to fill out the forms required, call the ESA claim helpline. Applying for ESA over the phone is the quickest way to register your claim, but you can also print out a form and take it to your closest Job Centre. To claim, you’ll need to know your National Insurance number, GP address and phone number, your employers details and information about any other money you receive.

Moving from Other Benefits to ESA

If you are transferred to ESA from another benefit such as Incapacity Benefit or Income Support, you’ll automatically be transferred over and you won’t experience a break in payments. If the amount you currently get is lower than ESA, your benefits should increase. For help with moving over from other benefits to ESA, call the number.

ESA Contact Numbers

0843 596 3682Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

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Other ways to Contact ESA

You can claim ESA by contacting your local Job Centre.