DWP Debt Management Contact Number

The DWP Debt Management team is a section of the Department for Work and Pensions, they have the role of recovering social security benefit that has been overpaid. If you need to speak to them regarding an issue or getting advice and information, you can find the contact information for the relevant department below. If you need to speak to the debt management team specifically you can call them on:

0843 178 6658

DWP Debt Management Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Debt Mangement Team 0843 178 6658
Social Fund Loans 0843 178 6659
Recovery from Estates Team 0843 178 6661
Compensation Recovery Unit 0843 178 6663
Complaints 0843 178 6662

Phone the number 0843 178 6658 to speak to the Debt Management Team regarding a number of queries you might have. When you phone this number they can access records and update them if needed.

Debt Management Team

When you phone this number it’s important to note that they only have limited access to certain information and obtaining certain information from different government agencies may take a period of time.

You can phone this number to gather information about why too much money has been paid to you, whether you have to pay it back and why, you can also find out if advanced payments will need to be recovered.

Social Fund Loans

You can phone the Social Fund Loans number on 0843 178 6659, where they will be able to assist you with questions you might have about repayments of a Social Fund Loan if you are still receiving benefit.

Recovery from Estates Team

If you need to discuss the recovery of overpaid benefit from the estate of a deceased person, you can phone the relevant team on the number 0843 178 6661.

Compensation Recovery Unit

Phone the Compensation Recovery Unit on the number 0843 178 6662 to speak to them regarding queries about social security in compensation cases and NHS costs in certain injury cases.

When you phone this number you can request a compensation claim form, you can also use this number to make a CRU payment.


To make a complaint about services you have received from the Debt Management team at DWP you can phone the number 0843 178 6663. Once you have logged your complaint, they will aim to respond with 15 working days. If you still aren’t happy with the response you can take it to the Office of the Group Manager. You are still able to question the response if you’re not adequately satisfied, this is where you can take it to the Independent Case Examiner.

Making  a repayment

Phone the number 0843 178 6664 to sort out any repayment queries you have to make. You can phone this number to arrange a payment plan or discuss the terms of your current one and if you’d like to make any amendments to it.

You can also use this phone number to request a paying-in slip for cheque or cash payments.

Other ways to contact DWP Debt Management

Rather than phoning the department, you can write a letter as a way of contacting them. The relevant addresses are below.

Debt Management
Debt Management
PO Box 171
GL17 0XG 
Compensation Recovery Unit
Compensation Recovery Unit
Post Handling Site B
WV99 2FR