DVLA Customer Service Connection Number

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency is responsible for creating and maintaining a database of legal drivers in Britain. There are a number of reasons as to why you might need to get in touch with the DVLA and one of the easiest ways to do so is by calling the number above. It also issues driving licenses and is responsible for assigning Vehicle Excise Duty. The DVLA is part of the Department for Transport with its current chief executive being Oliver Morley. The organisation was first established in 1990 and is now based in Swansea where it runs all of its operations. It did use to have several offices all over the UK but once it was made possible for Vehicle Excise Duty to be paid online or over the phone, the offices slowly started to close.

Tax Your Vehicle

Every vehicle in the UK must be taxed as a legal requirement. The easiest way to tax your vehicle is over the phone. Once you ring the number, you will be put directly through to the taxing process and first of all, you will be asked to quote your reference number which can be found on your V11 reminder letter, the logbook of your vehicle (the vehicle must be in your name) or if you have just bought the vehicle and are taxing it for the first time, on the ‘new keeper’s’ slip in the log book. Once you have given your reference number, you can make the payment to tax your vehicle either by paying debit card or credit card. The call handler will ask for your payment details and register the payment for you – this is a quick, easy and secure service.


If your vehicle is off the road eg. being kept in a garage or secured driveway then you don’t need to tax it, but you do need to register it as being off-road. To do this, call the number above. There are a few details that the DVLA call handler will need to find out from you such as when you want to SORN to start. The operator will also inform you of how many months tax you originally paid for and if you are registering a SORN during this time, you will be eligible to receive a refund for any months where the tax is no longer needed.

Driving Licences

You cannot legally drive a vehicle without a driving licence. Even when you are learning to drive you will need a provisional licence. Your licence is upgraded from provisional to full when you pass your driving test. The driving licences number is available for anyone that would like to begin driving and apply for their provisional driving licence as well as anyone that has passed their practical driving test yet has not received their full driving licence. The number that you need to call for any driving licence issues or questions can be found above. When you dial this number, you will be put through to a switchboard and you will be asked to press one for full driving licence enquiries and two for any issues with your provisional licence. After selecting an option, you will be able to speak with a call handler. If you are applying for a driving licence you will need to provide your full name, address and date of birth. The advisor on the phone will tell you where to send your photo to go on your licence.

Change of Address

Because your address is listed on your licence, if this changes, you will need to inform the DVLA so that your licence can be updated. Penalty charges can be issued to anyone that doesn’t abide by this. Simply dial the number above and state your old address and then your new one to the call handler. You will then need to post your licence to the DVLA so that it can be updated and a new one sent out to you.

Theory and Driving Tests

Both a theory and driving test is required before you can legally drive on the road. When you call the theory and driving test phone number on the number above you will be asked which test you are looking to book. Each test comes with a fee and you can pay this fee over the phone by either credit or debit card. To book the tests you will also need your provisional licence number. The call handler will tell you the nearest available dates for your test and you can select from the list. Once you have chosen a date and a time and the test has been booked, you can make payment. You will be able to change the date of your test up to four working days before your test is set to take place. After this, you will lose your fee if you change/cancel your booking.

DVLA Contact Number UK 0300

If you’re looking for a freephone DVLA number, you can call the DVLA 0300 contact number which is 0300 790 6801, you won’t be charged for calling this number and it will go straight through to the DVLA head office customer service team.