DLA Child Contact Number

Find all of the contact numbers you might need to phone the DLA Child department which runs the Disability Living Allowance for those under 16 and may need extra help with looking after.

DLA Child Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
General Enquiries 0843 178 7307
Rates for Children 0843 178 7308
How to Claim 0843 178 7309
Challenge a Decision 0843 178 7311
Personal Independence Payment 0843 178 7312

Using this number they will be able to inform you about the two different components that children can be assessed for and what that means when it comes to the rates available.
Phone the number 0843 178 7307 to speak to the DLA Child department to see if your child is eligible for the Disability Living Allowance. When you phone the number they can advise you on the criteria that will need to be met and advise on how best to go about applying for it.

You can also use this number if the child’s circumstances change, as this might affect the amount disability allowance they get.

DLA Rates for Children

If you would like to find out how much DLA your child is entitled to you can phone the number 0843 178 7308. When you phone the number they will be able to inform you of the different weekly rates and if you provide them with information about your situation they can advise on how much you can typically expect on a week-to-week basis.

You can phone this number to find out how your DLA Child payment will be paid and when it will be made too.

You can also use this number to find out if you qualify for Carer’s Allowance, which you’re entitled to under certain circumstances. Use the number to find out if you’re eligible.

How to Claim

If you need assistance with making a claim from the DLA Child, you can phone the number 0843 178 7309. They will inform you that you’ll need a form, which you can request to be sent to you when you call this number.

You can use this number to find out information about backdating payments, how payments will be made and how quickly you can expect to get them.

Challenge a decision – Mandatory Reconsideration

If you don’t agree with a decision made by the DLA Child you can use this number to get in touch 0843 178 7311. It is an easy procedure to challenge a decision for your claim, this is called asking for mandatory reconsideration.

Personal Independence Payment

When your child turns 16 you will need to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which you can do using the number 0843 178 7312. You will typically receive a letter after their 16th birthday, once you have you can phone this number to apply for PIP. It’s important that you take the time to phone this number and apply by the date given in the letter, as otherwise, payments might stop for a few weeks. If you apply for PIP you will continue to receive DLA Child until the claim is assessed.

Disability Service Centre

Phone the Disability Service Centre on the phone number 0843 178 7313 to get advice or information about a claim you’ve already made for the DLA Child. Here they can assist you going forward.

You can also use this number to make a complaint if you are not adequately satisfied with the service they have provided you with.

Other ways to contact the DLA Child

If you would prefer to contact the DLA Child via another method, you could write to them at the following address.

DLA Child
Disability Benefit Centre 4
Post Handling Site B
WV99 1BY