Directgov Contact Number

Directgov is a digital organisation that provides access to public sector information and services. The Directgov website now still has the same information but is instead known simply as GOV.UK and has been since 2012. If you need access to any of the information that is provided by the Government website such as access to the DVLA, information about Universal Credit, or what you’re entitled to as an employer/employee, you can receive honest help and advice by calling the number above.

Universal Jobmatch

Universal Job Match is a job search tool available on the Government website. It is aimed at helping those out of work get employment as soon as possible. You can use the tool online or you can call the number above to speak to an expert who will help you find the job that you need. The phone line is a trustworthy source and any sensitive information passed through the phone call will be 100% confidential. When you call the number, an advisor will ask you for your details and the operator will help you to create a Universal Jobmatch account where you can go online and look for current jobs in your area. In order to ensure you are finding suitable job positions, the adviser on the phone will ask you about yourself, such as your previous work experience, any qualifications you have and where you are based. The Job match tool will help you to find positions that you wouldn’t have otherwise come across and will definitely see that you are back in employment in no time at all.


GOV.UK is a great place to gather information if you are looking to apply for benefits or if you are having trouble with your current benefits programme. When you call the benefits helpline on the number above you will be asked to state what kind of benefits you would like to discuss/apply for and state what exactly it is you want to discuss, whether that be your entitlement/eligibility, your benefits as a carer, your Personal Independence Payments, your child benefit or whether you can claim tax credits. Once you have stated your reason for calling you will be able to begin your discussion with an expert. If you have never received benefits before, but know you are eligible, you can make an appointment over the phone to your local job centre plus. The customer assistant will tell you the dates and times that are available and you can select one that you are able to attend.

Childcare and Parenting

Call the number above to discuss your childcare and parenting situation with an expert. Depending on your circumstances, you will be entitled to help from the Government in the way of child tax credits or child maintenance support and the best way of finding out what you can claim, or discuss what you currently claim is by calling the number above during the opening hours shown in the table below.


Whilst GOV.UK provide the job match tool to help those out of work, what if you employ people? You are also entitled to help, advice and benefits from the Government. This number is designed for employers to call for help on finding the right staff. On this number, you can discuss anything from contracts of employment, set working hours, health and safety at work and the operation of the payroll. This phone number does not operate a switchboard and instead, you will be put straight through to an adviser where you can discuss any of the above issues. The number that is available for employers can be found above.


The DVLA can also be accessed through the Government website and you can contact them directly by calling the number above.This is switchboard operated and you will need to press 1) for theory test enquiries 2) to book, cancel or change a driving test, 3) to make a complaint and 4) to anonymously report a dangerous driver.

GOV.UK Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Universal Jobmatch Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm
Benefits Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm
Childcare and Parenting Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm
Employment Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm
DVLA Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm