Claim If You Were Injured In The Armed Services

If you were ill or injured whilst you were serving in the Armed Forces, you could eligible to claim compensation. This could be either in the form of a lump sum or regular payments.

You can claim compensation for any illnesses or injuries which occurred as a result of your services, including both physical and mental conditions. You’ll also be able to claim if you were injured during a training exercise which relates to your service or for any conditions which you had before your service, if your service made them worse.

You could also qualify for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (Overseas) if you were the victim of a violent crime whilst you were serving abroad.


The rules for qualifying depend on when you were injured.

If your injury/illness is due to service after the 5th April 2005:

You can claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. In order to qualify you must be a current or former member of the armed forces and applying for the scheme no later than 7 years after the illness or injury occurred, unless you are claiming for an illness which started later.

If your illness or injury is due to service before the 6th April 2005 British-armed-forces-007

You can claim under the War Pension Scheme. There are no time limits for claiming under this scheme, but you must be no longer serving in the armed forces.

What you will get

The compensation you receive depends on either when you were injured or when the circumstances which caused your illness occurred. If you are receiving compensation from another scheme, what you get may be reduced.

If your illness or injury is due to service after the 5th April 2005:

If your claim is successful, you will receive a tax free lump sum payment between £1,200 and £570,000- depending how severe the injury is. If you have a more serious illness or injury, you may receive a tax free monthly payment when you are discharged, which is sometimes known as a Guaranteed Income Payment. It’s based on your salary, age and how severe your injury is.

If your illness or injury is because of service before the 6th April 2005:

If your claim is successful you will either be awarded a pension or a lump sum. The former is if your disability is assessed at 20% or more, with the latter being if your disability is assessed at less than 20%.

You may also be able to get other allowances if you are having difficulty finding employment due to your injury.

How to claim 

You should fill in the relevant form and send it to the address listed. If you need assistance in filling out your form, you can ask the Veterans Welfare Service for help. You may be asked for more evidence to help to support your claim. If you were seriously injured during service after the 8th May 2011, you might be able to apply for fast payment.

If you disagree with the outcome of your claim, you can write to Veterans UK to ask them to reconsider their decision.

Additional payments

Whilst your claim for compensation is being dealt with, you can apply for a Personal Independence Payment. Once you’ve had the results, you may be able to claim Armed Forces Independence Payment, which is £139.75 per week, which is tax free and paid into your bank account every 4 weeks.