CIS Helpline Contact Number

The CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) is a scheme created by HMRC in order to obtain tax from contractors and subcontractors. Its aim is to minimise tax evasion in the industry. Calling the number above will put you through to their main contact number, from which you can speak to a member of the team regarding any issues you are having currently.

About CIS

CIS Helpline

Introduced in 1999, the CIS is a scheme devised by HMRC in order to crack down on tax evasion in the construction sector. Since the sector is mainly made up of sole traders, it was impossible to include them all in the same system as regular UK taxpayers. Therefore, the scheme was introduced for companies who are related to construction work. This ensures a simple system for everyone in the sector to follow. If you are confused about how CIS works or need advice on paying any tax to CIS, there is a video below explaining the process. If you are still unsure on a matter relating to the CIS, ring the number above and we will put you through to a member of the CIS team, who can take your query further. If you are still confused or need questions answered, the CIS does have a dedicated Twitter account, and a dedicated government website.

CIS Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Contact Number Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm
CIS Tax Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm
Complaints Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm
Register Monday to Friday:
8 am to 6 pm

Contact Number – CIS

Construction Industry Scheme was devised by HMRC in order to crack down on Tax Evasion by contractors and subcontractors. The construction sector in the UK has one of the highest self-employed rates in the UK, and the CIS scheme is aimed at maintaining a steady level of tax flow coming from the sector. CIS applies to everyone, including larger companies within the mainstream construction industry, who are subcontractors, sole traders, or partnerships. Groundwork, general building (such as roofing and plastering), alterations, demolition and repairs all fall under the general term of construction and must comply with CIS rules. If you are unsure as to whether your business falls under the CIS scheme, ring the number above and we will put you through to a member of the CIS team. All constructors must register with CIS before any construction or demolition takes place.

If you would like to know more about CIS, or you have a query for the team, call them using the number above. You may be placed in a queue until someone can speak to you directly.


Once you have registered with CIS, you will start to be taxed via the following amounts:

  • 30% (this excludes VAT and the cost of materials) from any subcontractor who is not registered under CIS.
  • 20% (excluding VAT and material costs) from any subcontractor who is registered, but who is not eligible to receive gross payments.

If the subcontractor is eligible to receive gross payments, nothing shall be deducted from you. Subcontractors are eligible if they meet the requirements of the business test, turnover test, and the compliance test. These tests ensure that annual turnover is no less than £30 000 and that the company has had no issues with tax in the past with HMRC. If you would like to know more about how tax with CIS works, you can call their tax department.

CIS Complaints

If you would like to make a complaint to the CIS, you can do so by calling and speaking to a dedicated member of staff who can assist you further with making a complaint.


If you need to register with CIS, call today and speak to a member of the CIS team directly, who can guide you through the process.

Other ways to contact the CIS

You can also contact the support team with CIS by writing a letter depicting your query to the CIS head office address, which can be found below:

National Insurance Contributions and Employers Office
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom