Child Tax Credit Helpline Phone Number

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0843 557 3382

Contact HMRC regarding your Child Tax Credit payments by calling them on 0843 557 3382.
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Child Tax Credit Contact Number

You can call the Child Tax Credit helpline any day of the week during the following opening hours.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Child Tax Credit
0843 557 3382
(Mon-Fri) 8am – 8pm
Child Tax Credit
0843 557 3382
(Sat) 8am – 4pm
Child Tax Credit
0843 557 3382
(Sun) 9am – 5pm

Check Your Eligibility

If you’re responsible for any children, you can claim Child Tax Credit payments for financial support. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t working, as long as your circumstances meet the other criteria. For example, if you have any children under 16 years old, or under 20 and in eligible education or training. Call 0843 557 3382 for advice on whether you can get Child Tax Credit.

Check Payment Rates

You can also call 0843 557 3382 to get an estimate of how much Child Tax Credit you will receive. This depends on how many children you have, and when they were born. HMRC could pay you up to £2,780 per year for each child, or up to £3,175 on top of this amount for a child with a disability. HMRC pays Child Tax Credit every four weeks to the child’s primary carer only.

New Claims

To apply for Child Tax Credit, call 0843 557 3382 and request a form. HMRC will ask you for more information to make sure you qualify. You’ll need to know your National Insurance Number, your income, and details of any benefits and childcare payments. The form could take up to 2 weeks to arrive in the post, and 5 weeks to process. HMRC will backdate your claim for 31 days.

Universal Credit

Gradually, the government is replacing several benefits with the newer benefit Universal Credit. If you live in an area where Universal Credit replaces Child Tax Credit, then you can only apply for Child Tax Credit if you have 3 or more children, or if you or your partner are State Pension age. HMRC will contact you first if your Child Tax Credit is being replaced by Universal Credit.

Change of Circumstances

Whenever your circumstances change, contact HMRC to let them know as soon as possible. Certain changes to your circumstances could affect your Child Tax Credit amount, whether you will receive more or less than before. If you don’t report changes, you could be fined up to £300. You don’t need a form to do this, you can just call 0843 557 3382 and update HMRC.

Other Ways to Contact HMRC

If you need general advice about Child Tax Credit, send a tweet to @HMRCCustomers. HMRC Customer Support will help you from 8am-10pm (except Sunday, 9am-10pm). However, they can’t investigate individual cases, so do not send personal information to them on Twitter.

To make a complaint or notify HMRC about a change of circumstances in writing, send your letters to the address below. If you are making a new claim or renewing your Child Tax Credit, contact HMRC first to find the specific department address you need to send them to.

Child Tax Credit
Customer Services
HM Revenue and Customs
Tax Credit Office
United Kingdom