Child Benefit Contact Number

0300 200 3100

If you have a query relating to a Child Benefit application or payment, call the child benefit contact number to speak with an HMRC adviser.

Child Benefit Customer Service

If you have a query that relates to the payment of Child Benefit, or an application, call 0300 200 3100. Child Benefit is paid if you are responsible for a child under the age of 16. When you call, you will hear a message welcoming you to HM Revenue and Customs. You’ll then be told that if your payments have reduced, it could be because your child has experienced a change in education, such as moving from school to an apprenticeship. The automated message will tell you that you can report a change in education online, as well as other changes. Lastly, you’ll be asked to say in a few words why you’re calling – this can be key phrases like ‘changing bank details’ or ‘my child is staying in education’.

Child Benefit Payments

There are currently two child benefit rates – one for your eldest/only child, and a rate for any additional children. Only one adult can claim per child. If your child benefit payment has been reduced or it is late, call the Child Benefit Payments helpline. Child Benefit is usually paid every 4 weeks, but if you’re a single parent, you can get it paid weekly if you would rather. If you, or your partner’s income is over £50,000, you might have to pay a tax charge. To find out more about tax charges for high incomes, call the number above.

Child Benefit Eligibility

To find out if you’re eligible to claim Child Benefit, call the helpline. Usually, the child you’re claiming benefit for has to be under the age of 16, or under the age of 20 and in certain types of education or training. You are deemed to be responsible for a child if they live with you, or you pay the same amount as Child Benefit to look after them. Child Benefit will stop if the child begins working for money for over 24 hours a week, starts an apprenticeship or gets their own benefits. If you’re not sure whether you will be eligible for Child Benefit, call the helpline using the number above.

Child Benefit Claims

When you put in a claim for child benefit, it can take up to 12 weeks for your claim to go through. You can claim as soon as your child is born or arrives to live with you, and your claim can be backdated for up to three months. If you have any questions about the claims process, or you feel like it is taking longer than it should, you can contact HMRC via the child benefit helpline.

Change in Circumstances

You are legally obligated to inform HMRC if there is a change in your circumstances which could affect your child benefit payment. This could include getting married or divorced, or your child leaving school and heading into full-time work. You can inform HMRC of a change of circumstance online, or by calling the helpline number.

Change Bank Details for Child Benefit

Child Benefit is paid into your bank account every week or every four weeks. This depends on the arrangement you requested when making the Child Benefit claim. If you need HMRC to pay your Child Benefit into a different or new bank account instead, you must notify them as soon as possible. The fastest way to do this is to call, especially if you receive Child Benefit weekly. Otherwise, you can just update your bank details online in your Government Gateway personal tax account. The change should go through within the next few weeks, in time for the following four-weekly payment to be sent to your newly specified bank account.

Complaints and Appeals

If you have a reason to believe that you have been treated unfairly when making your child benefit claim, you can call the helpline. Calling this number will put you through an HMRC adviser who can help with your claim. You can also use this number to contact HMRC if you wish to appeal against a decision made about your Child Benefit claim. This is known as a mandatory reconsideration.

Child Benefit Contact Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
Payments Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
Eligibility Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
Claiming Child Benefit Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
Change in Circumstances Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
Complaints and Appeals Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Other Ways to Contact the Child Benefit Office:

You can ask a question about Child Benefit online here.

Alternatively, you can write to the Child Benefit office at:

HM Revenue and Customs – Child Benefit Office 
PO Box 1 
Newcastle Upon Tyne 
NE88 1AA 
United Kingdom