Child Benefit

0844 248 2560

Get in touch with the Child Benefit Office on the contact number 0844 248 2560 where they will be able to assist with information regarding claims, stopping Child Benefit, changing personal details and more.

Child Benefit Contact Numbers

DepartmentContact Number
Child Benefit Support0844 248 2560
Claiming Child Benefit0843 557 3383
Child Benefit Payment Dates0843 596 3671
Reporting Changes to Child Benefit0843 596 3672
Guardian’s Allowance0843 596 3673
Repay Child Benefit Overpayments0843 596 3674
Child Benefit Complaints0843 596 3675

Child Benefit Address

If you would prefer to contact the Child Benefit office with a letter, you can send your correspondence to the following address:

HM Revenue and Customs – Child Benefit Office 
PO Box 1 
Newcastle Upon Tyne 
NE88 1AA 
United Kingdom 

Child Benefit Support

Contact the Child Benefit Support Office on the number 0844 248 2560 where they will be able to help with any questions you have regarding your Child Benefit claims. You can phone this number to find your Child Benefit Number, which you can use to prove that you qualify.

If you’d like to find out how much you’re entitled to claim for Child Benefit you can also ring the number above, where they’ll tell you what you’ll get on a weekly basis for one child, and then any subsequent children you have.

Claiming Child Benefit

Call the number 0843 557 3383 to make a claim for Child Benefit, you will have to provide details of yourself, your partner, your child and your earnings. Only one of you is entitled to claim for child benefit, and it’s important you report any changes to the child benefit office as this may make a difference to what you’re entitled to.

You can choose not to get Child Benefits, but if you do so there are certain things that you can still benefit from, such as National Insurance Credits, and registering your child for a National Insurance number once they turn 16 years old, so even if you don’t want to claim, it’s best to do so by ringing the number above.

Child Benefit Payment Dates

Find out when your Child Benefit Payment is due by ringing the number 0843 596 3671, when you phone this number they’ll be able to explain how often you can expect a payment of Child Benefit, and the dates you can expect if your payment is due on a Bank Holiday, which differs for England, Scotland and Ireland.

If you’re still waiting on your first payment of Child Benefit, you can phone the number above to find out when you can expect it.

If your Child Benefit payment is late, you can also ring the number to find out why this is and when it’s going to be paid into your account.

Reporting changes to Child Benefit

There are certain changes you must report to Child Benefit to stop any overpayments being made that you’d have to pay back. You can phone the number 0843 596 3672 to report these changes straight away and get your file updated quickly. Child Benefit will stop after your child’s 16th birthday, however if they stay in education or training you must let them know because you’re entitled to still receive the benefit. You must also phone the Child Benefit office to report any changes to your family’s circumstances, such as bank account or address changes, a relationship ends, or you have a child that comes to live with you.

Guardian’s Allowance

Find out if you’re eligible for Guardian’s Allowance by calling the number 0843 596 3673, if you explain your circumstances to them they’ll let you know whether or not you’re entitled to the allowance, how much you can claim, and they can help you begin the process for claiming.

If you currently already claim Guardian’s Allowance, you can also ring the number above to report any changes to your circumstances that are likely to affect your payments.

Repay Child Benefit Overpayments

If you’ve been paid too much Child Benefit you will likely receive a letter telling you so, and how much you owe, you can phone the number 0843 596 3674 to make your payment, or challenge the decision if you wish.

If you think you’ve been overpaid it’s best to get in touch on the number above to report this, so you’re not continuously overpaid, as you’ll just have to pay it all back, and in some circumstances, you might be fined or prosecuted for benefit fraud.

Paying back overpayments is usually expected in one lump sum, however, if you’re going to have difficulty doing this, you can phone the number above, where they’ll be able to assist with this, and maybe set up a payment plan.

Child Benefit Complaints

To make complaints to the Child Benefit office you can phone the number 0843 596 3675, you can phone this number to make complaints about late payments, incorrect payments, mistakes made or the service you received. When you phone the number above to make a complaint, you will need to provide information such as your National Insurance number, personal details, details of the complaint, any reference numbers you’ve been given. It can also be useful to provide details of how you’d like your complaint to be settled.