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Car Tax Costs to Increase for Diesel Drivers

At the start of the current tax year in April 2017, new car tax rules came into effect. This set of tax bands for Vehicle Excise Duty only applies to new car buyers. If you bought your car before April 2017, you don’t need to worry about

How to Meet the Deadline for Self-Assessment Tax Returns

6th April 2016 – 5th April 2017 Tax Returns Due The deadline for tax returns for the 2016-2017 tax year is looming. Millions of Brits will need to submit their forms and pay any tax they owe by midnight on 31st January. Failure to meet this deadline can result in

How to Avoid Rises in Council Tax

Announced earlier this year, Council Tax is on the rise. The rise is estimated to be 5% across the country, with the majority of councils in England and Wales implementing the change as soon as it’s available.  Council Tax must be paid by anyone over the age

Inheritance Tax Guide

Struggling to understand Inheritance Tax? Below we’ve compiled a guide to Inheritance Tax. What is it, how it’s claimed, and all about Business Relief for Small Businesses. What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is always paid to the UK government on the estate (possessions, money, property) of

How to spot a HMRC scam email

Have you spotted an email from HMRC in your inbox recently? Does it look as though something is wrong? Unsure on how to spot a HRC scam email? You’re not alone. The amount of scam emails sent to members of the public from “HMRC” is rapidly on

Can I check my National Insurance contributions online?

National Insurance contributions are made by everyone in the UK, and allow you to qualify for other benefits such as the State Pension. You pay National Insurance contributions automatically if you are over 16, an employee making £155 a week, or are self-employed and earning more than £5965

Keep Calm and Carry On – HMRC Assures Panicked Taxpayers

A shock EU referendum result has rocked the UK in the past week, and the effects that will ensue are concerning the majority of its citizens. There is no doubt that tough times are ahead, particularly where the economy is concerned, and it seems people are fretting

What is Tax Avoidance?

What is Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud? What does it all mean? It can be quite confusing to be honest. All things concerning tax are a jumble at the best of times, but now you can say you know all about tax avoidance! Well, kinda. We’ll

HMRC to Send Out Thankyou Letters

Ever paid your taxes and felt begrudged because you were never acknowledged? Ever wondered who actually receives them and what they actually go towards? Ever wanted a simple thank-you for giving half your earnings away only to be left on the phone for hours on end? Well

Take That pay £20m to HMRC for part in Tax Scheme

Take That have paid more than £20m that was owed to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The money was owed due a tax avoidance scheme in which Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald all played parts in, alongside their manager Jonathon Wild. Together the four