How to Stop Family Allowance

Call the Child Benefit line on 0843 557 3383 to stop Family Allowance today.

Family Allowance is the previous name for Child Benefit, which changed in the late 1970s. You can find out how to claim Family Allowance here. If you are already claiming this and you want to stop Family Allowance, then read this guide. You can also learn why you would need to stop it.

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Maternity Pay for Unemployed

Call the Maternity Allowance helpline on 0843 178 4195 to see if you can claim.

Pregnant people who are in employment can usually claim Statutory Maternity Pay from their employer. However, if you do not qualify for SMP, then there are other options for financial support when you are having a baby. The type of benefits that you can claim and the amount that you can get will depend on your circumstances. Read this guide to see which benefits are available if you are pregnant and unemployed.

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How to Claim Family Allowance

Call the Child Benefit helpline on 0843 557 3383 and claim Family Allowance.

Family Allowance was a government benefit starting back in 1945. Child Benefit began to replace Family Allowance in 1977. What you might call Family Allowance is now Child Benefit. There have been a lot of changes over the years due to the government restructuring Child Benefit. Claims for Family Allowance are claims for Child Benefit today. Read this guide to learn more about Child Benefit, including what you must do to claim.

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Who can apply for Income Support?

Contact the Income Support helpline on 0843 178 4315 to check if you are eligible.

Income Support is a government benefit for people who are on a low income and need financial support. Universal Credit is replacing this benefit, so you might be able to apply for that if you are not able to get Income Support. Read this guide to find out if it is worth applying for Income Support after checking the eligibility criteria you need to meet.

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How to Reduce My Tax Bill

Call HMRC on 0844 453 0158 if you have any questions about paying your taxes.

The saying that nothing is certain but death and taxes always comes to mind towards the end of the tax year. At this point, the self-employed should have submitted their self-assessment tax returns already. Most people will have been paying Income Tax automatically all year through the PAYE scheme. As the start of the new tax year approaches in April 2019, it is a good time to think about how you can reduce your tax bill.

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