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Brexit Guide: March 2018

Nearly 2 years on from the Brexit vote, where does Britain stands in terms of the EU divorce? Well, the truth is that nobody really knows…Both Britain and the EU have different ideas on what a post-Brexit relationship would look like. Theresa May, following the Brexit vote,

Your rights as a parent in the UK

Whether you’re a new parent in the UK, or you’re looking to up your knowledge around your rights as a full-time parent or a parent in work, below is a guide for you. As a parent in the UK, you’re entitled to some rights and you should

How to Avoid Rises in Council Tax

Announced earlier this year, Council Tax is on the rise. The rise is estimated to be 5% across the country, with the majority of councils in England and Wales implementing the change as soon as it’s available.  Council Tax must be paid by anyone over the age

Inheritance Tax Guide

Struggling to understand Inheritance Tax? Below we’ve compiled a guide to Inheritance Tax. What is it, how it’s claimed, and all about Business Relief for Small Businesses. What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is always paid to the UK government on the estate (possessions, money, property) of

How to Qualify for Universal Credit

  Universal Credit is in the process of replacing everyone’s benefits. This process is proving to be an agonisingly slow one, and those that have been on benefits for a while may find that they are still receiving their different types of benefits, rather than one big

How to spot a HMRC scam email

Have you spotted an email from HMRC in your inbox recently? Does it look as though something is wrong? Unsure on how to spot a HRC scam email? You’re not alone. The amount of scam emails sent to members of the public from “HMRC” is rapidly on

What is Income Support: How to Claim and who is eligible

Income Support is a UK benefit aimed at helping those in and out of work who cannot afford to live on the money they have – or support their families on their current income. This guide is for those unsure of whether they are eligible for Income

Moving to the UK: Visa Guide

If you are thinking of moving, studying, or marrying in the UK, and originate from another country, you will need a Visa. There are multiple visas depending on a number of factors. To find a list of these factors, visit the dedicated government visa website. From here you

How to Successfully Advertise a Vacancy

Owning a business can be stressful enough but when it comes to hiring staff you want to make sure you get the best. By the best, we mean someone that is going to help your business grow, someone who is going to be loyal, committed, punctual and

Setting Up a Charity – The Do’s and The Don’t’s

Setting up a charity can be one of the greatest things you do, and can provide help for thousands of people that need it. However, a charity set up must be done right, and must comply with the rules and regulations of the charity commission if it is