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Think Tank Proposes £10,000 “Citizen’s Inheritance” for Millennials

The Resolution Foundation think tank is provoking discussions of millennial entitlement after a proposal that 25-year-olds should receive a £10,000 “Citizen’s Inheritance” to reduce the wealth disparity between generations. Older people love to write articles about how millennials wouldn’t be so poor if they stopped spending money

How to Apply for UK Citizenship

Successfully applying for UK citizenship will grant you British nationality. This will entitle you to the right to live in the UK, among many other benefits. You will be able to seek diplomatic help from the British government in other countries. If you have further questions after reading this guide, then

How to Set Up a Charity

If you are looking to set up a charity in England or Wales, here is the important information you need to know. If you have further questions, then call the Charity Commission on 0844 248 2658. How do I set up a charity? There are 6 steps you

Understanding the Environment Agency Flood Map

Whether you live in a rural or built up area, your housing or accommodation can still be at risk of flooding. Below are some tips and advice on how to understand and use the Environment Agency Flood Risk Map. You will also find information on the different

NHS To Unveil New 111 Service

Since new cuts for the NHS emergency services were announced at the beginning of the year, there has been a strain on the ability to treat patients fast enough. With some people waiting hours for an available bed, and many Accident & Emergency rooms closing this year,

Could this be the end of the DWP?

The DWP have come under fire in recent months, mainly because of the austerity that has been introduced by the Tory government. Welfare cuts have swept the nation, and have arguably targeted the most vulnerable in our society causing homelessness and poverty, and unsurprisingly, there are calls

‘Carry on Registering to Vote’, says Cameron

We reported earlier in the week about how many 18-24 year old’s may fail to register to vote in the EU referendum due to the process requiring a National Insurance number, which many considered too difficult to obtain. Well it seems many young people managed to muster

Asylum Seeker Escapes Jail, Despite Benefit Fraud

The case of benefit fraudster Linda Okungbowa is a complicated one, but thankfully one with a happy ending. Lisa arrived in the UK in 2004 after she was brought over by traffickers, hoping to start work in the UK as a nurse. The traffickers demandedpayment for helping

MPs Warn Job Centre Staff Need to be Trained for Universal Credit

MP’s have been warned that in order to make Universal Credit work, job centres must ensure the correct training of their staff. For those that don’t know, Universal Credit is designed to replace regular benefit and will eventually be given to all of those entitled to benefits. The new