Care to Learn Contact Number

0800 121 8989

The Care to Learn scheme was put in place so that young parents in the UK can claim money for childcare whilst studying. To contact the Care to Learn team, dial the number aboveFor other departments and helplines, see the table below.

Care to Learn Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Claims 24/7
Customer Services 24/7
Complaints 24/7
Student Bursary Support Service 24/7
Change in Circumstances Helpline 24/7

To apply for the Care to Learn scheme, you must do so online, whether you’re claiming for the first time, or you’re returning to the scheme. Before you apply, you will need to inform the HMRC which course you are going to take. When your claim is given to you, it will be on the first day of your course, whenever that starts. If you apply for the Care to Learn scheme after you have already started your course, you will be paid back from the day you applied. If you would like to make a claim per new year, you will need to apply each year. If you need assistance with your claim, call the claims line.

Customer Services

You can get up to £175 per child with the Care to Learn scheme, which can help towards the cost of childcare. Payments are made directly to your childcare provider, who will need to confirm your child’s attendance before receiving money. If you qualify, you will be told via letter, outlining your payment plan. If you need help from the Care to Learn customer services, call the number above.


In order to make a complaint about the way you have been treated by the Care to Learn staff, call the HMRC complaints line. You can also use this number if you would like to make a complaint about your pay, or about your eligibility to claim from Care to Learn.

Student Bursary Support Service

If you have a query relating directly to the money you have been given by the Care to Learn Scheme, or you have questions about the benefits you are claiming from, call the Student Bursary Support Service. You can also email them on

Change in Circumstances Helpline

If your personal details, childcare provider, or fees for childcare change whilst claiming from Care to Learn, you will need to inform the team of the change. You can do this by calling the number above. Not declaring a change in your circumstance could mean that your loan is taken away from you. If this has happened, call the Studen Bursary Support Service, the number for which can be found above.

Information Helpline

For more information about the Care to Learn service, or if you would like to inquire about another loan, call the Information Helpline for the HMRC, on the number above. This will put you through directly to a member of the team, who can help you with whatever query you may have.