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Can I Buy My Council House?

You can buy your council house with the Right To Buy scheme, with discounted rates. To find out if you, your home or your landlord are eligible for the scheme by using the online checker. If you have some questions about the Right To Buy scheme you can call their helpline on 0844 826 8381You can also inquire about your eligibility, your reapplication, you want to know about the joint application or you have some other questions. You can apply to buy your council home if:

  • it’s your only or main home
  • it’s self-contained
  • you’re a secure tenant
  • you’ve had a public landlord (such as a council, housing association or NHS trust) for 3 years (it doesn’t have to be 3 years in a row)

Can I Buy My Council House While On Benefits?

If you receive housing benefits, they do not cover the costs of a mortgage. If you are receiving other benefits and you still have a steady income you will need to contact professionals regarding being able to afford your mortgage with your current income. You are still eligable for the Right To Buy scheme if you are receiving alternative benefits but being a homeowner could possibly affect your benefits, make sure you can afford your home before you commit to it.

Can Someone Else Buy My Council House For Me?

In the Right To Buy scheme, there are no laws surrounding how the house is financed meaning that if you would like to buy somebodies council house for them or somebody else would like to buy your council house for you they can do so by providing you with the funds for the purchase of the home. To be the legal owner of the property your name must be included in the names of eligible tenants and applicant. It is recommended to seek out legal and financial help when making Right To Buy applications.

Can I Buy My Parents Council Home?

As stated above you can fund the purchase of your family members council home. If you want to join in with the Right To Buy scheme to be eligible to join in you will need to be on the tenancy agreement, if you’re not you will have had to live in the property for the past 12 months. Again, you are recommended to get some financial help as well as legal help when thinking about applying for the Right To Buy scheme.

You can make a joint application with:

  • somebody who shares your tenancy
  • up to 3 family member who’ve lived at the property with you for the past 12 months (even if they don’t share your tenancy)

Applying For The Right To Buy Scheme

To apply to buy your home you will need to follow these steps:

  1. you are required to fill in the Right To Buy application form otherwise known as RTB1 notice.
  2. Send the application form to your landlord.
  3. Your landlord is required to approve or deny the application within 4 weeks of receiving the application from you or 8 weeks if they have not been you landlord for 3 or more years. If you landlord denies the request they are required to say why.
  4. If your application is approved by your landlord they must send you an offer within 8 weeks of approval if you are buying a freehold property or if you’re buying a leasehold property they must send you an offer 12 weeks after approval.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or any other topic mentioned in this article you can call the Right To Buy scheme helpline on 0844 826 8381.