Cameron Challenged On Tax Return

Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to say whether he will publish his tax return after being asked to do so by an MP for the rival Labour party. The PM said that Labour was the only party with what he termed ‘a big tax problem’ after he was asked to keep his promise and publish his return by MP Fiona O’Donnell from the East Lothian constituency.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Ms O’Donnell said:

[quote] “Keeping on the issue of taxes for the wealthy, when will you keep your promise and publish your tax return?” [/quote]

Mr.Cameron replied:

[quote] “On the subject of taxes and middle income people, when are we going to get an answer from Labour about what it was the deputy leader of the party said when she said ‘I think people on middle┬áincomes should contribute more through their taxes? There was one party in this House with a big tax problem and I’m looking at it.” [/quote]

Following the session, a Downing Street source said that in principle, Mr.Cameron was willing to publish his tax return, but it was a complex issue. The source said ‘it wCameron Tax Returnill take as long as it takes’.

Back in May, the Prime Minister insisted he was still deciding whether to publish his tax return, two years after he said he was ‘relaxed’ about putting it in the public domain.