disabled parking

How to apply for a blue badge

The blue badge scheme is to help disabled people or people who struggle with their mobility to get around and park closer to their desired destination. You can contact the blue badge helpline to find out more.

There are lots of reasons you may be able to qualify for a blue badge, here are some of them:

  • you are legally/registered as blind
  • you receive the higher rate mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA)
  • You like in Northern Ireland or England and you have been given 8 points or more ‘moving around’ activity of personal independence payment (PIP)

To find out more qualifying reasons you can look at the disability rights UK website, the GOV website or you can call the helpline/your local council.

If your application is denied you council must tell you why you are not eligible and you can request to be reconsidered. If your mobility condition worsens you can reapply.

When you are applying you will need:

  • a passport photo
  • you national insurance number or NHS number
  • driving license number

How To Apply For A Blue Badge In Scotland

Applying for a blue badge in Scotland is practically the same process as applying in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can call the helpline on 0843 178 3390, speak to your local council or apply online.

There are a few qualifying reasons limited to Scotland and Wales:

  • You reside in Scotland and previously had an indefinite or lifetime award of higher rate mobility component of DLA which has been terminated following a PIP re-assessment.
  • You live in Scotland and have been awarded 8 points or more in the ‘moving around’ activity or 12 points in the ‘planning and following journeys activity’ of PIP.
  • You live in Scotland and previously got a fixed-term award of the higher rate mobility component of DLA, have not been awarded the appropriate points at a PIP re-assessment (as stated in the above) and have asked for a mandatory reconsideration of the decision within the last year.

To apply you will need your national insurance number of NHS number, driving licence number and your passport photo.

Blue Badge Tracking

You can track the application of your blue badge application on the GOV website. When you have made your application you will be sent a tracking number that you will need to enter on the above website under ‘tracking reference number’. You will also need to enter your last name or your organisation name. Once you have entered these details you can click ‘find’ and your application will be pulled up with its current progress.

Blue Badge Application Form

The blue badge application form can be found here on the GOV website. Alternative ways of requesting the application forms include contacting the helplineas well as contacting your local council to find out if you are eligible or to request for the forms to be sent to your home in the post.