ACAS Helpline

0844 826 8380

Call the ACAS helpline on 0844 826 8380 for help and advice for both employers and employees. You’ll be able to get advice on your rights as a worker, work disputes and training courses.

Acas Helpline

ACAS Helpline

Contact the ACAS helpline on 0844 826 8380 for assistance with a range of matters relating to employment. The advice that ACAS gives is completely impartial, so you can get confidential guidance about a workplace dispute or another issue affecting employment, whether you are an employer or an employee. When you call 0844 826 8380, you will hear a message welcoming you to the ACAS helpline. The automated message will warn you that calls are recorded for training, but any conversations you have won’t be shared with outside parties. You’ll then hear a message about the online help facility. Following this, you’ll be asked to press 2 if your call is relating to holiday entitlement, pay deductions or the minimum wage. If your call isn’t relating to this, simply hold to speak to an adviser.

National Minimum Wage Advice

As an employer, you must pay the National Minimum Wage. If you are an employee and you have reason to suspect you are not being paid the national minimum wage, contact ACAS on 0843 596 3665. They can give you advice on how to approach the subject with your employer and get the wages that you are entitled to. HMRC can take employers to court if they’re not paying the National Minimum Wage. If you are employer and you have a question about either the minimum wage or the living age, call ACAS on X for advice.

Pay Deductions

If you are an employer with a query about the legality of deducting from an employee’s pay, call ACAS on 0843 596 3667 for impartial and confidential advice. Alternatively, you can call this number if you are an employee who believes that they have had pay deducted unfairly. You have to meet certain conditions to be able to deduct from an employee’s pay, so calling ACAS can make sure that you do this legally and it won’t result in legal action.


Employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid holiday per year. If you are an employer and you have a question relating to holiday allowance, you can call ACAS on 0843 596 3668. You can also contact ACAS on this number if you believe you are not getting your full holiday entitlement from your employer.


If you have been recently made redundant and you would like advice about your rights, call ACAS on 0843 596 3669. Employees have the right not to be selected unfairly for redundancy, so if you believe that you have unfairly been made redundant, ACAS may be able to help you. Alternatively, if you are an employer with the difficult task of making people redundant, call ACAS on 0843 596 3669.

Working Hours

If you are having difficulty understanding Working Hours regulations, or you would like advice on an aspect of working hours such as overtime, call ACAS on 0843 596 3670  for help and advice. In a world where more businesses are opting for flexi-time, it can be difficult to understand, so contacting ACAS can help.

ACAS Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Helpline 0844 826 8380
National Minimum Wage Advice 0843 596 3665
Pay Deductions 0843 596 3665
Holidays 0843 596 3665
Redundancy 0843 596 3669

Other Ways to Contact ACAS

You can contact ACAS via their interactive question tool within the help section.

You can also reach out to ACAS on Twitter.