9 of the Best/Worst Excuses for Incomplete Tax Returns

We all know that an incomplete tax return results in a heft fine from HMRC, and with the 1024-15 deadline been and gone, it seems that the disorganised business owners of this world will stop at nothing when it comes to excuses as to why their return was late, and we have found 9 of the best. All completely believable, promise.  worst tax return excuses

1- ‘I had a cold that didn’t go for ages.’

Ah. The neverending cold excuse. Whilst having a cold is unpleasant, it really doesn’t stop us from operating a tax return form, no matter how much of an effort it might be. If you are a serious multi-tasker, you could even blow your nose and complete the form at the same time. Hey Presto.

2 – ‘My tax papers were eaten by the rat in the shed.’

Ok, first things first, tax return forms really shouldn’t belong in the shed, if you want our advice, you are probably a lot better maybe keeping them in your desk, with you laptop, or even if you’re feeling particularly reckless, in your ‘everything’ drawer. But please not in the shed. Secondly, this person has a very hungry pet rat, and might we suggest something a bit tastier than tax return?

3 – ‘I got in with the wrong crowd.’

Falling in with the wrong crowd at school was a constant worry, getting behind with grades, skipping classes, but a grown adult? Did they dare you not to complete the form? Were you under pressure to miss the deadline? Was it not cool? Now that was silly wasn’t it.

4 – ‘I have a pregnant girlfriend.’

Congratulations. this is really big news, good or bad, for you and your mum-to-be girlfriend – but we’re pretty sure you could take an hour out of rubbing her feet and fetching her chocolate, to sort your tax return. Please.

worst excuses for tax returns5 – ‘My husband ran over my laptop.’

Whilst this really is unfortunate, in the day and age of 2016, it is probably not difficult to find another online source to fill in the form, or fill it in manually and post it like the good old days. Besides, now your husband has ran over your laptop, does that not mean you can now have his? Think about it and thank us later.

6 – ‘My accountant is ill.’

We are very sorry to hear that, truly. But ever heard of maybe doing it yourself? Filling in a tax return form, admittedly, can be a hassle, but it really wont take that long, is pretty idiot proof, and well worth avoiding a fine.

7 – ‘My dog are my tax return, followed by the reminders.’

This excuse didn’t work in school, and unfortunately it’s still not going to work for you now. Also, when you are late in filing a tax return, several reminders are sent out to hopefully ensure you don’t miss the deadline – it is unlikely that your dog found the first set so tasty that they went back for dessert.

8 – ‘I live in a supermarket car park, in a camper van.’

As exotic as this sounds, it isn’t really a viable excuse. You do not need to change your living situation in order to fill out a tax return. local libraries, Starbucks and other internet cafe’s will give you access to some decent wifi, so you can live in your camper van penalty free.

9 – ‘Barack Obama is in charge of my finances.’

Well, this just isn’t true. 10/10 for creativity though.