How to get your UTR number if you have lost it

When you register as self-employed with HMRC, they will assign a Unique Taxpayer Reference number to you. This 10-digit UTR number is unique to you or your company. You will need this number to manage your taxes, including self-assessment tax returns. This guide will assist you in finding your UTR number. You

What you Need to Know About the New Tax Year

In the UK, the tax year runs from April 6th until April 5th the following year. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to fill in a tax return. If you haven’t created a return yet, you will be notified by the HMRC that you

How Will the Sugar Tax Affect the Public?

The start of the new tax year last week brings the Soft Drinks Industry Levy into effect. People more commonly know this levy as the buzzworthy Sugar Tax. There have been many debates about this tax, which aims to reduce the British public’s sugar consumption. At the

What’s My Tax Code?

Are you having trouble understanding your tax code? Read this guide to find out what your tax code means and what you should do if it is wrong. If you need further assistance after reading, then call HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) on 0843 178 7329. HMRC can help

How to apply for a blue badge

The blue badge scheme is to help disabled people or people who struggle with their mobility to get around and park closer to their desired destination. You can contact the blue badge helpline on 0843 178 3390 to find out more. There are lots of reasons you may be able

How to Apply for UK Citizenship

Successfully applying for UK citizenship will grant you British nationality. This will entitle you to the right to live in the UK, among many other benefits. You will be able to seek diplomatic help from the British government in other countries. If you have further questions after reading this guide, then

Inheritance Tax Threshold

Inheritance Tax is the tax on an estate of someone who has died. An estate can include property, possessions and funds, and Inheritance Tax must be paid on estates above the current £325,000 threshold. In April this year, a new threshold will be announced, alongside a “family

How to Claim Child Benefit

Read this helpful guide if you have any confusion over claiming Child Benefit. You can call the Child Benefit Office on 0844 248 2560 if you need more support with your Child Benefit claim. What is Child Benefit? This benefit is financial support for people who care for one

Stamp Duty Rates

If you live in England or Northern Ireland, you will need to pay Stamp Duty on residential, commercial and buy to let properties that cost more than £125,000. This tax also applies to freehold properties as well as leasehold, and still stands whether you are buying a

How to Set Up a Charity

If you are looking to set up a charity in England or Wales, here is the important information you need to know. If you have further questions, then call the Charity Commission on 0844 248 2658. How do I set up a charity? There are 6 steps you